In order to formulate the warranty issue clear, the Manufacturer and Purchaser must be agreed on the following points:

1. Parts warranty period:

  • a. The warranty period of battery, controller, and charger, motor display and main electronic parts is 12 to 24 months. All these parts have an exclusive serial number which also includes the production month of that part. And that particular serial number can’t be removed by the consumer.
  • b.The capacity of the battery should be higher than 70 percent (have to be less than 300 cycles) for first 15 months and for the additional 9 months the remaining capacity should be superior than 60 percent.
  • c.There is no any type of warranty for fragile parts such as brake pads and tires.

2. On the off chance that the assessed electric bike touches base at death (no electric capacity), Manufacturer will assist Purchaser with analyzing issues and give new parts if necessary.

3. Sequential/Serial Number (appeared in the excel file record with the name of the parts or electric bike model name/number, sequential/serial number,and broken reason) of primary electric parts and the frame number must be offered while claiming warranty is there. The purchaser must claim for the guarantee once every month (basically on the last Friday of the month). The manufacturer will affirm the Claim list in seven working days. Moreover, the manufacturer won’t pay for the work cost for changing the parts.

4. Fundamental broken electric parts and the demise electric bikes must be kept as a minimum period of 3 months from guaranteeing date. From warranty asserting rundown, the manufacturer can demand to send some back to China for Analysis under manufacturer’s expense (inside 3 months). On the off chance that these parts can’t be discovered, there is no Warranty Applied. With the end goal to encourage merchant’s provider, we trust that each time when purchaser’s individuals go to China, he can take some crushed parts back to China.

5. The purchaser needs to stock a few parts ahead in advance. The manufacturer is just dependable to furnish spare parts list with sensible cost, and won’t pay for air freight expense from China. On the off chance that the extra parts arrange was postponed over about fourteen days because of Manufacturer or Manufacturer’s providers, manufacturer will pay for the air freight charge at the sensible amount.


a.) The warranty period basically starts from the date the products leave in the Port of Loading.

b.) If the parts indicated above have some type of quality issue during the guarantee period, the manufacturer will give free new parts to the purchaser via next shipment,or send by air in an emergency situation.