Kocass’s newest technology is V-Active Drive. It takes the V-Wave to the great level with completely automated power support and parting you to take pleasure of the ride. When your cycling pattern and efforts transforms V-Active Drive instinctively regulates the motor productivity to hold your own riding style.


At Kocass we know how essential it is to stay visible and safe on the road. That’s why we use the high-value Dutch Spanning LED lights. Once you switch on, the LEDs produce a bright and powerful light in a flashing or continuous flashing mode.


For the protection of e-bikes, we use a superior battery management system. The V-BMS sharply protect and monitor your battery. It will also prevent the damage caused by overload. Recently Kocass’s nominated suppliers have joined with LG/Samsung/Sony/Panasonic to give even superior battery performance and quality.


We have created our newest LCD display for greatest functionality and simplicity of utilize. The LCD reverse-lit screen is completely waterproof with a clean look and high-value finish.

There are 3 operational buttons which are dividing to the display, building it simply adjustable along with your thumb.


Kocass is having a partnership with Bafang because of their success, quality and have the ability to create the peak intensity of e-bike motors in the marketplace today. They keep on leading in the motor skill with several years of knowledge and global recognition.

The Intelligent Controller gives you a guarantee of the most energy proficient ride skill. All Kocass e-bikes can happily get you up in hills and it will make your ride easier against sturdy winds. Bafang motors are totally maintenance free.


V-Wave is an exclusive technology developed in a special partnership between Bafang and KOCASS. The system forms on the basis of improved and customized cycling experience; communicating and managing between a numbers of components ensure the best performance.Through 5 different power levels in V-wave will deliver smooth and superior riding.

Whether you are cycling on uphill, flat ground or downhill, V-Wave ensures a reliable level of output that is cost-effective to both battery and rider. It maintains the stability between motor, battery, and cyclist that sets Kocass and V-Wave separately from the rivalry!