Type: CMT01N

Voltage: 36V.48V

Rated power: 250W

Efficiency: ≥80%

Speed: 25Km/h

Power assist ratio: 1:3~3:1

Torque: 90NM

Classification of waterproof: IP54

Weight: 4.6Kg

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Motor Advantages:
Surface dispose: black matt painting or gray matt painting;
a) Powerful starting torque, the maximum motor torque ≥90N.m, more conducive for climbing hills;
b) Integrated internal controller and high precision torque sensor;
c) Special installation piece connects with bicycle frame, more safety and reliable;
d) With reliable mechanical performance assembled;
e) Brushless motor installed, long life, easy-maintenance;
f) High efficiency, comfortable riding feel, strong powerful, low power consumption, long mileage.

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