Get Your Mid Drive Electric Bike Kit Sorted With Kocass

With their innovative technology making riding a lot faster there is no denying that e-bikes are here to stay. An additional layer to maintain your e-bikes comes with mid drive electric bike kit from Kocass. Generally, your e-bike contains two major parts the driver unit which is the motor and the battery.
Mid Drive Electric Bike Kit
The mid-drive or the driving engine is something that powers your bike and drives it through all conditions. Keeping all these in mind, we the leading producer of e-bikes in Asia and across the USA have tailored our innovative mid-drive electric bike kit with features like:
a. Convenient maintenance
b. Waterproofing superiority guarding all weather conditions
c. A battery with power capacity as high as 850 watts and 48 volts
So turn your regular biking into powerful drift rides with the mid drive electric bike kit from us.

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