Get Your Winter Rides Safe with Fat Tire Electric Bike Kit from Kocass

Love e-biking?? But worried about snow-planning and crashing down to the tree? If yes, then be happy as the leading producer of e-bikes in the Asia Pacific rim, Kocass is all set with their fat tire electric bike kits to secure your snowboarding bike rides.
Fat Tire Electric Bike Kit

Why those fat-tired electro beasts?

When fishing for e-bikes a number of aspects like the physics, friction, torque, stability and number of factors are required to be considered especially with respect to climate changes.
Driving through snow isn’t easy due to a lack of friction and grip. Our fat-tired all over 4” of the surface area holds a greater grasp over those slippery slimy roads thus protecting you from skids.
Also, our fat tire electric bikes kits come with the sturdy surface so ride more and for long hours over potholes. Our bikes will surely make your ride smooth.

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