Get Adventurous with Mountain E-bikes From Kocass

Are you an adventure freak? Then hiking through the boulders and trails of mountains must be on the top of you to-do list. If so, then how about adding a bicycle to your climb this time. Thinking about getting all tired due to strenuous peddling. Well, don’t worry as now we at Kocass are ready to ease your mount climbing hikes with electric mountain bike kit.
Electric Mountain Bike Kit
With our robust battery, sturdy motors and large gripping fat tires, your rides become smooth and easy.
Thinking that such sturdy bikes will be all about heavy weightiness. If yes then don’t worry as surely e-bikes are heavier than your regular ones but once that robust engines kick in there’s no stopping you.

We know you might get a little carried away with the mountainous view and start driving fast. Well to check that, our electro mount bikes comes with a regulated speed range to keep your adventures alive while keeping you safe.

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