Now Transform Your Regular Bike into E-Bike with Affordable Bike Conversion Kits

Nicknamed as e-bikes, these powerful electro padded booster bikes are the future of sustainable transport. And it’s not just the use of renewable energy which makes these electro beasts so enticing but because they are fun to drive along the road.

However, if cost is what stopping you from hitting those roads then don’t worry as with few tweaks and electric bike kit conversion, you can transform your regular bike into an electronic one. When you are looking for e-bike kits, who can be a better option than the makers of most reliable and most powerful e-bike kits in China, that’s we at the Kocass.

With reliability and sturdiness in motor and a long lasting battery you get a range of fastest electric bike conversion kit from us. Our range of reliable kits are not restricted to a specific wheel setup rather with us you get conversion kit in both front wheel and rear wheel along with state-of-the-art mid drive kit as well.

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