Electrify Your Bike with Electric Bike Conversion Kit 700c

Electric bikes are very popular among youngsters but there is no need to buy a new one. People can convert their existing bike into an electric bike. The amount of conversion will much less than the amount on purchasing an eclectic bike. Mountain bike, hybrid bike, or road bike all can be converted into electric bikes by using Bike Conversion Kit. People can either replace the front or rear wheel of their bike or use a drive unit for the conversion. There are many front and rear Electric Bike Conversion Kit 700c available, which can be used to replace the front and rear wheel. The kit will have a motor, which will help the users to catch the speed of 28 mph. Users will be able to see the mileage, speed, gears, battery level, etc. on the LCD panel. A dual-mode controller will increase the life of the motor.

People can contact Kocass to convert their bikes into electric one at a reasonable price. The motor used will be durable and users need not worry about it for years.

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