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We have great experience in the cycling industry and are eager to create innovative products.Welcome to join us to involve the work coexists with both fun and challenge.

From the moment of our foundation, we have stick to making our bikes high – quality, comfortable, light as possible.We constantly reflect on technical innovation and elegant design.We deliver results and we shine at work that completely affects the world. Our e-bikes & kits attribute reliable and powerful brushless DC hub & mid–drive motors to get your ultimate consumer where they need to go and well–designed frames to allow simple use by everyone.


Top-ranked quality electric bike in China.

Top 5 electric bike conversion kit exporter in China.

The most rigorous quality control before any piece of product leaves.

For USA’s & EU’s Punitive Tariffs

1) Kocass collaborate with native Indonesian company to establish an ebike’s workshop in Batam Island opposite Singapore Island. Our main aim is to reduce the collision of anti-dumping duties on USA & European customer to insure the final price including tax can not be exceeding more than 6%.

2) The necessities of CKD and SKD will be provided if it’s required.

3) Providing OEM and ODM services to our global partners.

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Kocass is well-known and trusted electric bikes & ebike kits manufacturer in China. We have been working on a project since 2010. In the year 2012, we set up Kocass to contribute to the manufacture and development of ebikes & kits. We have a great team of 10 designers in the R&D Department and every team member is highly qualified and experienced in the related field. Our products have high innovation, high quality, low adverse rate, and high experience characteristics.

Kocass has been producing the supreme quality bikes & kits that provide the most comfortable and easiest ride possible. We always look for proper solutions both within the organization and in partnership with others, which frequently leads to sustainable innovations.

Electric Bike Manufacturer in China

Kocass Bicycle is one of the most reliable and trustworthy Electric Bike Manufacturer in China. The company came into existence in the year 2012. We made success in the sales of the electric bikes across the country and by the end of 2017; we had sold more than 60,000 electric bikes. Custom Electric Bike has become very popular among the users and it is one of the best ways to deal with the traffic also.

Importing Electric Bikes from China

We are equipped with technology and manpower as the optimum Electric Bike Manufacturer in the country. We have more than 10 designers in the R&D Department; all of whom are highly qualified and experienced in the related field.

About Custom Electric Bike

The Custom Electric Bike is very popular and able to manage the output with ease. For the queries regarding the Custom Electric Bike, we have a team of experts to handle the queries. The popularity of Importing Electric Bikes from China has grown immensely over the years.